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Top 50 MBA colleges in India

In the past three decades, we have been seeing innumerable changes in terms of career and growth opportunities. People are quite willing to make their career in corporate sectors and achieve rapid growth. In this context, many technology and management institutes are emerging at a very fast pace. The trend is the biggest factor in choosing careers in India. Due to this trend, many MBA colleges are emerging in all over India. Presently, there are 3,900 management schools with intake of 3.5 lakh students. But many among these are not even approved. Thus, one should be very careful while getting enrolled in MBA colleges. It is always wise to be a part of Top 50 MBA colleges in India to avail the best career opportunities.

Know more about top 50 MBA Colleges in India

Specialisation offered at Top 50 MBA colleges in India

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure at the top 50 MBA colleges in India gives an amazing look and feel. The spacious corridors, green grounds with amazing plantation and huge lecture halls makes a person feel proud about his institution. Since, these colleges are mainly located in the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore, they attract and impress students and companies all around the world.
  • Location

    Most of the top MBA colleges are located like NDIM, IMS, MDI, Kirloskar, IIMs , ITM etc. are located in the areas away from the city and away from the noise and city’s hustle bustle. It fills positivity in the environment and thus make the campus quite suitable for academics and other constructive activities.
  • Sports

    Sports are compulsory in these colleges for refreshing mind and enhancing physical fitness. Huge grounds in these campuses makes you refreshing after the tiring schedule of continuous lectures and assignments.
  • Accommodation

    The first thing that comes into mind before joining an educational institution is the provisions; especially accomodation. These colleges offer accommodation facilities within the campus (hostels), where they can live and study with a free mind. As a result of which, they can save time from travelling and invest in studies.

People’s Opinion about top 50 MBA college in India

  • I would suggest that study hard for the entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT etc and get enrolled in one of the top 50 MBA colleges in India. It is the right pathway to achieve quick success and growth. - Saurabh Aggarwal
  • I am studying at one of the top 50 colleges in India and I can feel the difference in myself in terms of personality and knowledge. I have completed 1.5 years studying here and now have no fear in facing interviews. Thanks to PGDM Department. - Prateek Sharma
  • If you are a graduate and thinking of making your career in corporate world of MNCs , then nothing can be better than pursuing PGDM/MBA . But fight an entrance for the top 50 MBA colleges in Delhi. - Swati Mehra
  • The MBA colleges in delhi focuses well on your academics, personality, language skills and current knowledge. - Shakti Saxena
  • I am sure , you get really good faculty members at MBA colleges in India. They are experienced and skillful, which is quite apparent in their lectures. I feel really happy to attend my marketing, operations and quant lectures . The faculties have amazing knowledge. - Rhea Shorey
  • My dream to become an entrepreneur has come true and the credit simply goes to my college, which comes under the top MBA colleges in India. - Nitin Johri
Guaranteed Jobs

The colleges that comes under the list of Top 50 MBA colleges in India, promises guaranteed jobs. In the past 10 years , companies are recruiting students in various sectors on good packages. The average placement of these colleges is 5 lakh , which can extend upto 13.5 lakhs.

Education loans

Sometimes, the fees structure of these colleges is out of the question for many. To get this problem solved, education loans are available for the deserving candidates. Banks do not put obstruction in passing loan for these reputed institutes.

Placement records

Industries from various sectors like FMCG, Real Estate, education, hospitality etc are recruiting students from these colleges on excellent packages. The packages may vary from 9 lakhs to 13 lakhs.

Industrial trainings

The top 50 colleges in India considers industrial trainings as essential for the overall development and knowledge enhancement of the students. The industrial tours and trainings give better understanding to the students regarding company procedures.

Why prefer top 50 MBA colleges in India

It is said that ‘Management is neither a profession nor a science’ – it is a practice. However, practice needs a good direction and motive. A person after pursuing PGDM/MBA from top 50 MBA colleges in India is a gem for the companies for the obvious reasons. These colleges has a systematic way of teaching, which is of great value for the students as well as the companies recruiting them.

The top 50 MBA colleges in India charges high fees as it offers quality education and facilities that are not offered in general MBA colleges in India. These colleges have different clubs and communities , which enhances the inner talents of the students. Academics, culture, cuisines and music are some of the clubs offered by these colleges , where students can express their talents and organise events related to the respective communities/clubs. It makes students multi talented and confident enough to manage academic and non academic activities simultaneously.

In addition to these , the top 50 MBA colleges in India also focus greatly on soft skills, personality development and communication skills. They keep on inviting soft skill or personality development trainers for enhancing the elegance in their students, which is a necessity for those who handle clientele.

The colleges like IMS, NDIM, FMS, IMT, ITM, IIMs have come under the list of top 50 colleges all because of world class facilities, refined course curriculum and activities based on latest management techniques. Even, it is the responsibility of the colleges to offer trainings / summer internships in affluent industries to the students.

The success and growth of the students passed out from these colleges are the combined efforts made by students and administration. They not only make them a management professional but also make them an asset for the corporations they are recruited in.

1Are there any beneficial courses offered to the students other than academics?
Yes, the top 50 MBA colleges in India are not confined to course related activities but additional courses are also offered in these colleges which enhances enhances the knowledge level of the students as well as the quality of the resume.
2What is the assessment procedure in the top 50 MBA colleges in India?
The assessment activities are kept on the priority in these colleges. The frequent tests, viva, presentations and assignments are the part of assessment activities and strongly influences the overall percentile of the semester.
3 What MBA Is all about?
MBA/PGDM program is not just an academic program but it is a program that makes a person confident, intellectual and a firm decision maker. The management professionals are required in the companies so that they can manage multiple events and procedures going on within and outside the industry.